Check out why many HR professionals have commented that our Leave System is relatively more comprehensive than those they have used before

STAFFmaster™ Personnel Module

  • Maintains career and employment history, promotion, transfer, etc.
  • Maintains performance appraisal history details.
  • Captures training courses, skills attained and bond details.
  • Keeps qualifications history, awards given and language proficiencies.
  • Contains discipline records and accidents with insurance claim details.
  • Maintains professional and social memberships.
  • Stores family/dependants details and emergency contacts of employees.
  • Keeps medical profile of employees and military service details.
  • Allows users to create unlimited numbers of fields to be attached to many screens created by users without the need for IT assistance.

Leave Module

  • Automatic computation & probation of Annual Leave Entitlement by Service Length i.e. Years of Service.
  • User-defined validation of related leave (e.g. No Pay Leave can be taken only after Earned Annual Leave & Advance Leave has been consumed).
  • Automatic computation of Leave Reimbursement, Leave Encashment and Leave Payback.
  • Automatic computation of Leave Balances.
  • Automatic generation of interface to PAYmaster Payroll Software for Leave Reimbursement to employees or Leave Payback Deduction when the employees resign.
  • Flexibility for HR Administrator to apply Group Leave Application(i.e. Annual Leave Type) for either entire group or entire workforce (e.g. plant shutdown).
  • Flexibility for HR Administrator to override existing company leave policy (set up under company level)at individual level (exceptional cases)

Electronic Leave System (online)

The Electronic Leave System supports on-line leave inquiry by Leave Applicants,Leave Approvers and Backup Approvers via email mechanism, internet / intranet & Microsoft Browser.

The Electronic Leave System allows both the employees and approvers to make on-line Leave Enquiry on the following Leave Details (not exhaustive):

  • Leave Entitlement (Opening and Closing)
  • Leave Taken
  • Leave Balance (Previous and Latest)
  • Leave Application Date & Time
  • Who is the Leave Approver who has approved/who has not yet approved the Pending Leave Application?
  • When has this Leave Approver approved the Pending Leave Application/Leave Cancellation?
  • What is the Leave Application Status? (i.e. whether the Pending Leave Application or Leave Cancellation has been accepted or rejected by the respective Leave Approver)

Flexibilities to both“Employees” & “Approvers” using our Electronic Leave System

The Electronic Leave System allows the employees:

  • to apply “Non-Urgent” or “Urgent” Annual Leave and other Leave Types
  • to cancel leave on the web which needs leave approval.

You may call us for a presentation for these systems if you wish to evaluate if the functionalities offered in these systems are able to meet your peculiar requirements.