One of the most comprehensive & flexible Payroll Packaged Solution in the market since 1990's

PAYmaster™ Payroll Module

PAYmaster™ Payroll Software is designed to handle payroll requirements ranging from simple requirements in smaller companies to complex ones that are normally found in larger organizations. Our customer-base consists of companies with employee size ranging from 10 to over 8000 employees. All our customers operate on one single common version of the software, which facilitates support and product enhancement. This benefits all the customers as they enjoy economies of scale from our large customer base in having lower cost of software maintenance.

With over 30 years of experiences in the payroll industry, PAYmaster™ has built a name for its localization of payroll standards and flexibility with user-defined parameters set up by the respective payroll administrators from their companies.

Payroll Processing

PAYmaster™ is able to handle either Monthly-rated, Hourly-rated, Daily-rated, Weekly-rated or Fortnightly-paid employees, including expatriates or contract staff belonging to one company or many companies under the same group all in the same database.

The software can also handle Monthly Variable Component (i.e. MVC) without much fuss. PAYmaster™ allows companies to define onetime different Salary Scale Tables with corresponding MVC % for different groups based on the guidelines governing their employee compensation packages.

The software can handle Non-Recurring (i.e. one-time) Deductions or Allowances (e.g. Medical Claims, Dental Claims, Miscellaneous Claims, Taxi Claims and so forth that can be based on either amount entered (e.g. Commission Incentive) or automatic computations for the following cases:

  • Overtime Payment computed based on numbers of OT hours input or imported
  • Mileage Claims computed based on numbers of miles travelled
  • Shift Allowance computed based on numbers of shifts worked
  • Trip Incentives based on numbers of trips travelled
  • Long Service Award or Special Bonus or Retrenchment Benefits computed based on service length or other measures defined by the user
  • Service Incentive computed based on Service Points
Payroll Reports

PAYmaster™ provides a comprehensive set of standard reports and statutory reports required by the relevant government authority either on a monthly or yearly basis.

The payroll administrator can also make use of either our Report Writer tool or Enhanced Report tool to define their own sorting sequences and selection criteria by department, cost centre, employee grouping and so forth.

Web Payslip System(Online)

The Web Payslip System allows respective employees to view their respective payslips via either intranet or internet.

Flexibilities to “Payroll Administrator”  using our Web Payslip System

  • Web Payslip System allows Payroll Administrator to define which employees to view their payslips on the intranet / internet.
  • This system allows Payroll Administrator to define “who” (e.g. those newly-joined, which groups of employees or all employees) need a unique ePassword to be automatically generated by this system.
  • This system provides flexibility for Payroll Administrator to control “when” to release the epayslip details on the web site for employees to view their respective payslips on-line.

Flexibilities to “Employees”  using our Web Payslip System

  • This system provides a more convenient & easier way for employees to view their respective payslips at any time and any place as long as they could log-on into the desired web site.
  • This system allows employees to access historical payslips and print the payslip details.
  • This system helps to housekeep all the monthly payslips on behalf of each employee. This eliminates the need for each employee to find a secured way to manually housekeep the monthly hard copy payslips for easy retrieval at any time as long as the employee could successfully log-on into the desired web site.

Electronic Payslip System(via emailing PDF)

The Electronic Payslip System is an add-on module for PAYmaster™ Payroll Module. It allows PAYmaster™ to send the payslips via email to selected employees or all employees.

Flexibilities to both “Payroll Administrator”& “Employees”  using our Electronic Payslip System

  • This system allows the Payroll Administrator to disseminate the employee’s ePayslip Password either via email mechanism or distribution of print-printed carbon-copy paper used to print hard copy payslips.
  • This system provides the Payroll Administrator with the flexibility to control “when”  to send the ePayslip files (in PDF) to employees via email for them to view the respective payslips from the respective mailbox.
  • This system provides tight security control prior to sending ePayslips via emailing:
    • The ePayslips would be emailed to the respective employees in PDF file format which is embedded with 2 unique passwords namely “Employee Password”&“Payroll Administrator Password.” The Recipients (i.e. employees) must have Acrobat Reader to open the ePayslip file in PDF.
    • This system could randomly generate a unique “ePassword” for each employee to use it to open the ePayslip file (in PDF) received via email on a monthly basis during  “pay day”.

Electronic Claims System (Online)

The Electronic Claim System supports on-line Claims Enquiries by Claim Applicants, Claim Approvers and Backup Approvers via email mechanism, Internet / Intranet & Microsoft Browser.

Flexibilities to “Employees” using our Electronic Claim System

The Electronic Claim System allows the employees:electronic claimsasdff

  • to submit different Claims Expenses online via either intranet or internet.using respective menu which represents respective Claims Type (examples: Miscellaneous Claims Type, Overseas Claims Type, Entertainment Claims Type,Transport Claims Type and so forth)
  • Claims submitted can be either in local currency or foreign currencies
  • Employees can either use exchange rate stated by company or manually input it online (only if your company has agreed to let applicants do so)
  • Employees are able to view Claim History of each Claim Type which they have claimed previously.

Flexibilities to “Claims Administrator” using our Backend Claim System

Being flexible, the Claims Administrator handling the onetime setup of the Claims Policy into the Backend Claims System is able to create unlimited “Claims Category” for each Claims Type below (not exhaustive):

Miscellaneous Expense Claims Type

Examples of some“Claims Category”that can be created by Claims Administrator for this Claims Type are“Postage & Courier”, “Staff Welfare”, “Stationery & Printing”,”Social Gifts” and so forth.

Transport Claims Type

Examples of some “Claims Category” that can be created by Claims Administrator for this Claims Type are “Public Transport by bus”, “Public Transport by MRT”, “Taxi Claims”, “Upkeep of Vehicle”, “Mileage Claims by motorcar”, “Mileage Claims by motorcycle”, “Mileage Claims by van” and so forth.

Entertainment Claims Type

Examples of some “Claims Category” that can be created by Claims Administrator for this Claims Type are “Buffet bills”, “Delivery Charges for Buffet”, “Karaoke”, “Taxi Claims” & so forth.

Overseas Claims Type

Examples of some “Claims Category” that can be created by Claims Administrator for this Claims Type are “Airfare, “Accommodation”, “Per Diem” and so forth.

Other customized systems(not commonly available as “off-the-shelf packaged solution” in the market):

  • Electronic Travel Authorization System (online)
  • Electronic Purchase Requisition System (online)
  • Electronic Flexi-Benefits System (online)

You may call us for a presentation for these systems if you wish to evaluate if the functionalities offered in these systems are able to meet your peculiar requirements.