Payroll & Leave Outsourcing Services

Payroll & Leave Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing of Payroll / Leave processing services has become more popular due to the shortage of trained Payroll / Leave Administrators. By outsourcing non-core / non-specialised areas such as Payroll / Leave processing, this move allows companies to focus on their core businesses as they leave those complicated Payroll / Leave regulations, statutory report printing and the technical issues pertaining to either software or hardware to us!

We have a team of highly trained professionals to ensure accurate Payroll / Leave processing with the most up-to-date technology. Companies need not worry about the high investment required to constantly upgrade their hardware server/PC used for Payroll / Leave processing. This hardware-related investment can be redirected to other more profitable business investments.

Since the 1970s & Early 1980s, PAYmaster™ has been active in providing payroll bureau services on the mainframe for a few large MNCs. To date, we have many organizations from different industries of different workforce ranging from 20 to a few thousands entrusting their Payroll / Leave processing “chores” in our care.

Training Room to rent out

img_55278268761d1Our Training Room is fully equipped with desktop PCs, a Projector and Internet service that is available throughout the entire training sessions.

Call us if you would like to explore the possibility to rent our Training Room for either long-term or short-term training courses.