IT Services
Affordable, Seamless Service Deliveries


We are partners and authorized service providers for many major computer brands and therefore we are able to provide you with multi-vendor computer equipment support with a single point of contact and clear responsibility when your computer systems are down and where speed is critical.

We provide comprehensive hardware and software maintenance for your computer equipment at your choice of either

  • “5 x 8 x 4” Maintenance: Normal weekdays except public holidays,
    9am to 6pm, on-sitewithin 4 working hours.
  • “7 x 24 x 4” Maintenance: Round the clock coverage,
    on-site within 4 working hours.

Our clients include government agencies, well-known multi-national companies as well as small and medium businesses.

Computer Relocation

We have extensive experience in the field of removal and computer relocation.

We can help you:

  • Plan your Computer Relocation with your Office Move project manager.
  • Decommission of your computer equipment for relocation
  • Recommission and testing of your computer equipment
  • Post Relocation helpdesk support

Migration Services

We plan the movement of your existing services to new machines and networks, on premise or to cloud or hybrid. We will identify the risks involved and the potential issues that need to be addressed.

Our migration service includes:

  • Identifying the elements of the current setup that are to be retained
  • Discussing any new requirements
  • Specifying the new components (hardware and software) to meet your additional needs
  • Planning the migration plan to minimize downtime and the effect on your business
  • Carrying out the migration plan, including all the installations and configuration work

IT Manpower Outsourcing

We provide placement of Helpdesk, Engineers, IT personnel at your premises; thereby allowing your own IT personnel to concentrate on their mission critical work while our people handle the daily technical requirements. You can also relyon our on-site engineers to help you cut your IT personnel learning curve on new equipment or software.

You benefit from our expertise in solving problems for a variety of our customers.