IT Infrastructure
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With a team of solution experts trained and focus, we help your organization design, implement and manage different complexity of Systems, Networking and Security Infrastructure. With a proven track record implementing various IT Infrastructure project, you can be assured that you have put your trust in the hands of the most qualified and reliable partners

We listen to our clients’ business and IT requirements before recommending a cost effective solution that is optimised to meet current requirements as well as to provide sufficient flexibility to allow for future expansion.

Every implementation is planned, documented and validated by a process to minimise the risk factor associating with change. Implementations are carried out by abiding to “best practice” guideline from the respective solution product.

Our Services:

  • Assess your current and future IT needs.
  • Recommend and design cost-effective hardware, software and IT solutions
  • Implement and manage IT infrastructure implementation projects

Help you understand your IT challenges and identify ‘real’ business needs


Virtualization (Server and Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization) is now changing the way in which IT environments function. With virtualization, companies are able to consolidate their server and desktop infrastructures. Whether your organization are already embarking on the virtualization journey or are just thinking or starting, we at UICACS can help you with your Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides to validate design decisions to ensure that solutions meet requirements of both business and IT stakeholders as your Organization embark on the virtualization strategy.

In UICACS we focus on the below Virtualization Platform where we have strong partnership.

  1. VMware

VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. VMware solutions help organisations to accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling a more flexible and agile service delivery that addresses the unique business challenges.

Being a VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, we at UIC Asian Computer Services believe in providing solutions to help our customers achieve competitive advantages, business continuity and cost reductions through virtualization.

Using VMware solutions, organisations can provide new services, change the amount of resources dedicated to software services and treat the datacentre as a single pool of processing, storage and networking power.

Whether it’s Server/Desktop Virtualization or Consolidation or even Disaster Recovery Solution, we would assist you in designing and implementation.

  1. Microsoft Hyper-V

As a Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider(LSP) and Managed Partner, UICACS is always focused on delivering the Microsoft Solution to our customers.

Virtualization with Microsoft Solution has enabled a new generation of datacentres with more efficiency and availability for your most demanding workloads. Microsoft virtualization solutions go beyond basic virtualization capabilities, such as consolidating server hardware, to create comprehensive platforms for private and hybrid cloud. This means your organization can achieve considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Whether you want to virtualize workloads, build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combine all three, Microsoft’s virtualization and management solutions, built on Windows Server and System Center, we can help you better manage resources and offer IT as a service.

Get enterprise-class virtualization for your datacentre and hybrid cloud

Bolster IT efficiency and flexibility with the faster application deployment and maintenance that Microsoft virtualization solutions deliver. Reduce costs by consolidating more workloads on fewer servers and increase agility using the same virtualization platform on-premises and in the cloud.

Data Center

Network Infrastructure

Your Data Center Core Switch networking is the core of your distributed computing environment.

Regardless of whether you are a small workgroup or large enterprise, designing a proper architecture is important, so as to meet demands for peak performance, flexibility, scalability and resiliency to support your current and future plans.

We provide a complete range of design, implementation and support services for LAN& WAN solutionfor organizations of all sizes that are ready to embrace new and converging technologies.

Partnering with key Networking Product (eg. Cisco and HPNetworking) to meet the needs of our customers, we believe our networking solutions will improve your infrastructure connectivity to achieve fast, reliable and secure access to applications and communications across your network.

In addition to the wired cabled switched LAN environment, we also provide comprehensive wireless infrastructure design and planning, implementation and support services to meet the needs for offices, campus and warehouse.

Storage Solution

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding your business, whether you are Small Medium Business (SMB) or Enterprise Organization, Storage requirements have grown explosively over the last few years.

With newer technologies evolving (such as storage virtualization, deduplication, thin provisioning products), choosing the correct Storage that meet the requirement is no easy task.

From the Direct Attached Storage (DAS), NAS StoreEasy, Entry level Storage MSA Series, to Nimble, Primera , Alletra or XP , we believe we have the Solution that can address all of your Storage needs with HPE

Adding StoreOnce and StoreEver Product, complete the Storage portfolio for Disk and Tape Based Backup.

Backup Infrastructure

Data is the most important aspect for an Organization and as such it is important that you always back up your important information and have a plan for recovering from a system failure.

With a lot of Backup solution available, choosing the correct Backup Solution to protect your organization’s critical data and systems against data loss and disasters is critical.

Some of the key Backup Solution that we focus on:-

  1. Symantec Backup Solutions

When it comes to recovering information lost in a disaster or IT failure, Symantec Backup Technologies are the most trusted. Symantec Backup Solution (NetBackup and Backup Exec) is market-share-leading solutions in the enterprise and midsize enterprise segments, respectively.

Symantec protects information at more businesses, hospitals, schools, non-profits, as well as government information, from disaster than any other vendor.

Symantec Backup Solutions delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery to protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both.

  1. Shadow Protect

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® Server software provides enterprise-level backup and disaster recovery, data protection, and managed system migration for Windows servers.

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® sector-level backup software backs up your organization’s whole Windows IT environment. In addition to reliably backing up everything from systems to data, ShadowProtect software enables swift recovery from disaster as well as headache-free system migration.

ShadowProtect Server software features flexible recovery options to help you meet (or beat) your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) by reducing the time that systems and data are offline.

ShadowProtect lets you:

  • Rapidly access individual data files and folders
  • Restore to the same or different hardware or a virtual environment in a matter of minutes
  • Boot a backup image as a virtual machine (VM) for a quick, temporary fix.


The Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) phenomenon is reshaping the way IT is purchased, managed, delivered, and secured. Enterprises are capitalizing on the consumerization of IT and proliferation of mobile devices by adopting the practice of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which allow employees to bring their own computing devices – such as smartphones, laptops, and PDAs – to the workplace for use and connectivity to corporate networks.

The challenge for an Organization that wanted to embark on the BYOD journey, is to accommodate the ‘work anywhere, anytime’ productivity and user satisfaction benefits that consumerization and BYOD can bring, while retaining enough control to keep company data secure and compliance requirements satisfied.

To aid businesses in safeguarding confidential information and preventing data security breaches, a trusted solution that can offer a secured enterprise mobility management solution is needed.

If you find yourself struggling to find the correct solution, we at UICACS have the solution for you.