Staff Declaration
Letter of Confidentiality and Annual Staff Declaration


  • The Annual Staff Declaration sets out rules in which all employees are required to comply with. It spells out how confidential information is to be handled during employment and upon leaving the services of the Company. It also spells out the various remedies and actions the Company may take should there be any breech of the Declaration.


  • All new employees upon joining the services of the Company are required to sign the staff declaration.
  • All existing staff will sign the declaration on an annual basis.

The Declaration

  • Below are the actual wordings of the Declaration.


In consideration of my employment, or continued employment at United Industrial Corporation Limited and subsidiaries  [henceforth known as “the Group”], I understand and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions for the protection of the Group’s confidentiality information and the deterrence of conflict of interests:

A Confidentiality

  • Upon cessation of my employment with the Group, I will promptly deliver to a designated representative of the Group, all documents and records which relate to the business activities of the Group, or any materials which belong to the Group or which has been supplied to me by any of the companies in the Group.
  • I will not use, for public or personal reasons, publish or otherwise disclose to others, either during or subsequent to my employment by the Group, any confidential information relating to the Group that I have access to during the course of my work in the Group.
  • Confidential information generally relates to but is not restricted to the following: –
  • financial information relating to sales, operating expenses, profit margins, etc;
  • details of rental contracts, name of tenants (existing or potential), name  of  vendors, etc;
  • any strategic plans of the Group such as marketing strategies, sales forecasts, capital budget, restructuring plans, etc;
  • service contract prices, incentives and promotions, etc;
  • tenant or vendor rebates, staff commissions and general salary information.
  • I shall not disclose or divulge at any time during my service with the Group or thereafter, any secrets, transactions or information in or relating to the business of the Group which may come within my knowledge or possession in the course of my duties.

B Conflict of Interests

  • I undertake to declare if I am involved for others, in any rental and sales transaction, tender exercise, contract execution, or general purchases of the Group that may cause a conflict of interest situation to arise.
  • If I have purchased any residential property from the Group, I undertake to declare any privilege/discount granted

C Actions and Remedies

  • In the event that I breach or attempt to breach any of my obligations in respect of this declaration, I understand that I will be liable to immediate dismissal. In addition to any other remedies that the Group may have at law or in equity, the Group will also be entitled to a restraining order, injunction or other similar remedy against me in order to specifically enforce the terms and conditions of this declaration, without further notice to me.

Yours sincerely

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