About Us
Learning more about our Company

UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of UIC Technologies Pte Ltd, which is 60% owned by United Industrial Corporation Ltd and 40% owned by Haw Par Corporation Ltd, both of which are listed in the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading.

UIC Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd, was established in 1982 as a Network Integrator focusing on hardware and network infrastructure. In October 2000, UIC Technologies Pte Ltd merged with Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Haw Par Corporation Ltd.

Our Services

We are constantly evolving and transforming our organisation and strategies to meet the changing needs of the IT industry. Today UIC Asian Computer Services focuses on three main IT offerings, namely Systems Integration, IT Services and Payroll software and HR Outsourcing Services to our customers in Education, Healthcare, and Financial Services, Manufacturing, mid-size Enterprises and Public sectors.

With over 150 trained and experienced staff at our disposal, we are able to provide on-time delivery and high quality services to our customers.

Also with our strategy of leveraging our existing capabilities and developing strong alliances with key IT vendors like Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Symantec and VMware we are able to offer the latest and newest IT Solutions and Services to our customers.

We are staying relevant, by aligning our cloud strategy with Microsoft Cloud Platform (Azure), Microsoft, Cloud Productivity (Office365) and HP Helion as a step forward to offer Hybrid Cloud Computing Services.

Our Vision

To be a Premium IT Service Provider in the region with satisfied customers and a company where employees are proud to be a part of.

Our Mission

To provide quality IT Solutions and Services that will enhance customers competitiveness and a conducive environment for employees to develop and excel with the company.

Our Management Principles

Open Door Policy

We work with an Open Door Policy where staffs are free to discuss their issues with any member of the management team. The Open Door Policy allows for openness, mutual trust and respect and improvement in performance and productivity. 

Team Work

Team Work is essential for the success of any project or business undertaking.  Here we emphasize on teamwork as the delivery of various products requires the cooperation of various departments.  Teamwork also helps to improve communications across the organization.


Employees are empowered to make decisions on various work matters.  By being empowered employees are able to develop their management skills as well as take on further responsibility. This also allows them to develop their leadership skills.

Role Model

Managers and Supervisors are actively encouraged to be role models in the organization.  By setting the right examples, staffs are encouraged to emulate the role models to achieve success in their careers with the right set of behaviours.

Walk the Talk

It is important for all to understand that we live up to our words.  If we make certain promises, then we have to live up to it.  This is a principle for us to uphold at all times.  Hence, in all our actions we must uphold the “Walk the Talk” principle.

Honesty, Integrity & Mutual Respect

In anything that we do, honesty, integrity and mutual respect should be the main guiding principles of our actions.  The failure by any staff to uphold these principles may render the staff to very severe disciplinary action.  These principles are fundamentals and should never be compromised in anyway whatsoever.

Employee Appreciation

Our employees are often required to go the extra mile in performing their jobs.  Hence it is important that we appreciate their efforts through simple gestures of appreciation or feedback.  The Company also provides incentives for employees who have gone the extra mile in performing their jobs.

Customer Commitment

Our Customers are very important to us.  Without customers, we will not be able to exist as a company.  We must always be 100% committed to our customers in providing quality IT Solutions and Services that will enhance our customer’s competitiveness.

Customer First

We must always adopt a customer first attitude, whenever we are dealing with our customers as this will result in repeat business for the company.

Provide Value-added services to customers

We must always provide value-added services to our customers as this will provide the customer with better services than our competitors can deliver.

Provide specialised customised services to meet our customer’s needs

It is important for us to provide specialised customised services to meet our customer’s needs as almost all IT jobs are different and may require specialised needs due to various reasons.  The fact that we are able to do this is a competitive advantage to us.

Our Employees

Our employees are very important to us as without them we would not be able to deliver the required services to our customers.  They are the key to the Company’s present and future success. Hence the Company has developed various schemes to help employees to achieve success.

Conducive working environment

The Company aims to provide a conducive working environment for all staff to grow and excel so as to achieve success.  This is done through the provision of a healthy and physical environment as well as various schemes to ensure that employees are protected and nurtured to achieve success.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is an important aspect of the Company as we understand the need for employees to balance their work and personal life.  Hence the Company has developed various work-life balanced schemes for its employees.

Training and Development

We emphasise on training and development to ensure that our employees are updated and trained to perform the necessary jobs as well as to prepare for future responsibilities

Fair Employment

We operate on a fair employment basis to ensure that we recruit employees based on their suitability.

Free of harassment

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination be it sexual, physical, mental or other harassment of any kind to our employees, whether from our own staff or others.